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Are you worried about paying your heating bill? Want to learn how you can save money on electricity? Interested in switching heating systems in your home or business? Looking for practical, everyday solutions?

On August 3rd, 2013, Representative Dorney hosted an Energy Expo at the Madison Memorial High School to help answer those questions. Businesses in the energy industry—both local and from all over Maine—were at the Expo, as were organizations which help consumers with energy options and financing, and institutions to train people in the energy field. There were presentations and booths on geothermal energy, natural gas availability in Central Maine, energy audits, small wind power projects, solar options, programs that help you finance energy updates, new lighting options, Net Energy Billing, weatherizing your house, biomass options, hybrid and electric cars, heat exchangers, demand hot water systems, training for a job in the energy field, and many other options If you missed anything, you can catch up below: the talks given by many presenters at the Expo have been recorded and are listed below in the order in which they were given.


Net Energy Billing and Solar Photovoltaics

Ben Axelman

Renewable Energy Project Developer at Citizens Energy Corporation



Overview of Solar Heating

Vaughan Woodruff

Owner of Insource Renewables



Residential Programs and Grants

Anne Stephenson

Communications Specialist at Efficiency Maine



Geothermal Energy and the Madison High School

Chad Grignon

Owner of Pine State Drilling



Home Weatherization

Bo Jesperson

Owner of The Breathable Home



Heating with Wood Pellets

Scott Bubier

Maine Woods Pellet Company



Energy Services Occupational Training

Dana Doran

Director of Energy Programs at Kennebec Valley Community College



Lighting Options

Dr. Ann Dorney

State Representative for Madison, Norridgewock, and Solon



Demand Hot Water

Dr. Ann Dorney

State Representative for Madison, Norridgewock, and Solon




In addition, Madison Community Access TV 11 was present at the event and conducted interviews, as well as filming the presentation by The Breathable Home. They have graciously allowed us to post their video of the Energy Expo here:


Lightbulb photo credit: flickr user p.Gordon